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UAE is well known for its scorching heat and extremely dry weather. The cool air of air conditioners and coolers is always a welcome dose of relief for us. But that is a solution only for the indoors. Most of us search about for a cooling sensation outdoors as well in the hot weather. Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy a good splash with your family in your own swimming pool within the privacy of your home? So how about getting a private swimming pool constructed in your backyard? For all swimming pool related queries and requirements, come to us at DIAMOND CLEAR SWIMMING POOL Abu Dhabi(UAE).

We are a reputed company that deals with the construction of residential and commercial projects, Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance services in the United Arab Emirates. Working in this sector for over a decade, we have clients all over the United Arab Emirates. We are a name you can depend upon since we have completed lavish projects with panache in the cities of Dubai, Shariah and Abu Dhabi.


Building swimming pools has been a forte for us. When you choose us to build a swimming pool for you, we believe you let us make your dream into a reality. It is an honor for us and we try to live up to your expectations to the fullest. We have a team of specialists who assist you in through the various stages of planning, designing, building and installation of your swimming pool. We build swimming pools of all kinds, be it indoor or outdoor. The various kinds of swimming pools that we construct include,

  • Private swimming pools
  • Children or kids swimming pool
  • Competition or training swimming pool
  • Commercial or public swimming pool
  • Ocean swimming pool
  • Exercise swimming pool
  • Hot tubs
  • Spa pools
  • Natural ponds & pools

Though most people love the idea of having their own private swimming pool in their backyard, they often back out of actually getting one built because of the tediousness involved in the task. The construction of a swimming pool like any other construction work involved huge amounts of dust, mess and noise during the ongoing of the project. Also, once the work is done, you need to clean up all the mess. As a reliable company, we at DIAMOND CLEAR SWIMMING POOL Abu Dhabi(UAE) however relieve our clients from all such fear or worry. As a conscious builder, we care about the safety and privacy of you and your family. Our workers try to finish the job in hand with minimum audible disturbances and also clear up the entire site once the job is done. We handover the responsibility of the swimming pool to you only after it has been approved by our experts regarding its proper functioning.

DIAMOND CLEAR SWIMMING POOL Abu Dhabi(UAE) is a company that is known for its adherence to finest quality work. We always strive to maintain our commitment towards quality products, value for money, exceptional services and hundred percent customer satisfactions. Apart from private swimming pools for individual households, we also build swimming pools for hotels and resorts as well.

Our swimming pool consultant offer solutions for a safe and secure swimming pool construction. Our team also promises to deliver other effective services. In regard to swimming pools, some of the services that we provide include,

  • Planning & designing of swimming pool
  • Construction of Swimming pool
  • Re-structuring or renovation of swimming pool
  • Repairing of existing swimming pool
  • Maintenance of swimming pools
  • Water treatment of swimming pools

For each of these, our experts can guide you throughout and explain the specifics of the procedure. Our team has the detailed knowledge and skill for extensive swimming pool designing and construction. We also have our expert management team that looks after the entire operation for each project. This makes it possible for us to yield fruitful and satisfying results on each occasion.

At DIAMOND CLEAR SWIMMING POOL Abu Dhabi(UAE), we tend to work with our customers personally at all levels so as to keep them up to date about the work and receive instant feedback at all stages of the project. This enables us to deliver the most stunning swimming pool that is the best in terms of quality, look, beauty and most importantly, a swimming pool that is at par with the vision of the customer.

When it comes to Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance, we are the best in the market. We offer you the most reasonable deals in town. Given a chance to serve you once, we are confident enough that you will always come to us for your future projects. We promise to deliver our best. For further details please call us at 00971-55-4758475. You can also write to us at info@dcswimmingpool.com for all queries or project requirements.