Swimming Pool Contractor

We take pool contracts for buildings, Villas, Hotels, Homes, residential complexes as well as commercial, health clubs, shopping malls and private villas. In UAE, the frequencies or the existence of Swimming Pools are huge in numbers. From Hotels to Residential Villas, from Recreational or resorts to Leisure, Swimming Pools have become a part of our lifestyle.  These Swimming Pools are the most valuable addition in our present day lives. People tend to relax by having a swim in the swimming pool to let go their stress, anxiety or fatigues or simply tiredness. When you consider the fact that Dubai is hot and humid almost 10 months of the year.

For building a Swimming Pool, Contractor plays a key role in the decision making quotient. A Swimming Pool Contractor is a person who makes a project plan based on client’s requirements. A contractor should explain to the client, the design for constructing the Swimming Pool. Advice's the client about the estimation of expenses. Duration or the estimation of time to complete the project for building the Swimming Pool. Once, the contractor gets the nod or the approval from the client towards the quotation for the cost of expenditure, approval for the swimming pool design after the architecture presents the design. The contractor will then proceed to for the material and labor to begin the process of building a swimming pool.

There are many types of Swimming Pools, Some of the most common pools are

  • Private Swimming Pools
  • Training Swimming Pools
  • Hot Tubs
  • Natural Ponds & Pools
  • Kids Swimming Pools
  • Spa Pools
  • Exercise or Fitness Swimming Pools , especially in GYMS
  • Commercial or Public Swimming Pools
  • Ocean Swimming Pools

We at DIAMOND CLEAR SWIMMING POOL UAE specializes in planning, design and construction of all kinds of pools, kids pools and Jacuzzi of any shape and size with special features and effects for residential complexes as well as commercial, health clubs , shopping malls and private villas.