Swimming Pool Maintenance

The beauty of a Swimming pool lies in the clear water and cool blue sparkling look. A Swimming pool is often considered as a matter of pride for any hotel or resort. It oozes pride and elegance to the resort and enhances the brand name and status of the hotel. Swimming pool maintenance is very important to retain the grandness of the resort or hotel. The secret behind the pristine look of any swimming pool is regular care and maintenance of the pool.

It is however not possible to retain the beauty of a swimming pool if not maintained on a regular basis. Though most people consider the task of swimming pool maintenance as a tedious chore, we at DIAMOND CLEAR SWIMMING POOL UAE believe the procedure to be not very difficult if done on a regular basis.


Maintaining a swimming pool is often considered as expensive and hard work. But to enjoy a good splash, it is important to frequently clean the pool in a disciplined manner. Our expert team of cleaners follows the following general steps for swimming pool maintenance of our clients:

  • The foremost thing to do for proper swimming pool maintenance is the brushing of the pool walls. The walls of the swimming pool needs to brushed appropriately to remove all traces of Algae growth.
  • The pH level of the swimming pool should be maintained between 7.2 and 7.8. This is to be done to ensure that the chlorine when added in the water functions effectively and ensure proper swimming pool maintenance. Also correct pH level makes the water feel comfortable for the skin and eyes while swimming.
  • Appropriate swimming pool maintenance requires the complete filtering out or removal of dead algae and other impurities from the pool water after the chlorine treatment.
  • Backwater washing of the swimming pool is very crucial for complete swimming pool maintenance. This ensures that algae or other impurities are not trapped in the filter.
  • It is utmost necessary to maintain the chlorine and phosphate level of the water so as to regulate and minimize the growth of algae. These two are the main sources of algae if not maintained at appropriate levels for proper swimming pool maintenance.
  • Proper vacuuming of the swimming pool is very vital, be it using automatic swimming pool cleaners or manual cleaning equipment.
  • Additives like algaecide helps in further swimming pool maintenance.
  • Regular clean up of the pump basket is crucial to maintain the effectiveness and strength of the pump.
  • Skimming the pool regularly increases water circulation system and lowers the chlorine requirement of the pool.
  • Preventing scale build up of the swimming pool water is important.
  • Cleaning the pool deck and keep it disinfectant is important for swimming pool maintenance to prevent the growth and spread of bacteria.
  • Servicing of the pool water heater is important for proper functioning.
  • Enring appropriate water level is equally important for proper functioning of all vital equipments.
  • Maintaining the pool filter is very important as it is the most vital equipment for swimming pool maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Keeping a check on leaks in the swimming pool also helps regulate the water level of the pool.

The foremost task for proper swimming pool maintenance is the testing of the pool water. For such, it is advised that the water from the deep end of the pool is collected in a clean sample bottle or container. At least eight ounces of water is to be collected for testing. The following parameters are looked upon during testing the quality of the swimming pool water by the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) for swimming pool maintenance,

  • Alkalinity
  • pH level
  • conductivity
  • total hardness of the water
  • total dissolved solids

The suitable LSI range for a well-maintained swimming pool in between -0.5 and +0.5. Anything less of more than this is considered as imbalanced pool water. The most important factor that ensures the beauty of the pool water is the correct pH balance of the swimming pool water. The water should neither be acidic nor basic in nature so as to maintain the correct pH balance. Thus, it is very crucial to record and regulate the pH balance for appropriate swimming pool maintenance. The correct pH level allows sanitizers to work efficiently and is also safe and appropriate for swimmers.

Another factor that we keep in mind for swimming pool maintenance is winterizing the pool. It though depends on the climatic conditions of the location of the swimming pool. If the temperature of the region becomes as low during winters that the water might freeze, then it is important to empty the swimming pool before the water freezes. This is because; left over water might freeze in the pool and affect the pipes and other equipments of the pool. We also suggest of keeping the pool covered so as to prevent the collection of dirt and debris in the vacant space during the chilled months.


The filter is the most important equipment for a swimming pool. Proper maintenance of the swimming pool filter results in proper swimming pool maintenance and thus ensures sparkling and clear water. There are three kinds of filters that are frequently used for swimming pool water filtration. These are namely,

  • Sand filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Diatomaceous earth filter


  • Imbalanced water affects the chlorine sanitizer and thus results in poor strength of germ killing capability of the filter
  • Improper pH level of the swimming pool water affects the human skin & eyes
  • Imbalanced pool water can lead to corrosion of the swimming pool liner, hand rails, ladders and other pool equipments
  • Calcium carbonate deposits on the swimming pool wall can cause the tiles to look grayish or brownish, thus ruining the beauty and look of the swimming pool
  • Bacterial development on the deck makes it unhygienic and slippery
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